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Frequently Asked Questions

All companies may rent vehicles within the scope of operational renting provided not to conduct sub-renting

We can rent all kind of vehicles in passenger car and light commercial vehicle classes.

Yes, we can rent all brands and models.

We are also serving to customers needing only one vehicle.

We may rent in periods between 12 months to 48 months

We can supply the vehicles we determined among the stocks of manufacturers/ distributors within the following 5 days of contract execution.

Renting with limited kilometers it is possible to rent the vehicle with more reasonable monthly costs. By this system the unused kilometers are providing savings instead of cost..

Fuel costs are not included in renting prices

Although it is not our main activity field, we are supplying used vehicles with the support of our business partners.

Provided to give prior notice to Rich Rent A Car, in order to pay the relevant taxes and to amend the vehicle license accordingly, it is possible to coat for advertisement or applying logos on vehicles.

It is possible to go out of Turkey provided to give prior notice in order to complete necessary procedures for such travel.

We are offering the vehicles first to the renters at the end of renting period with reasonable prices.




Rich Rent A Car is the member of TOKKDER and TÜRSAB
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